Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well the last few days the gang, Brandy n Austin, Todd, Tommy, Jay n Sarah, Bosh Dorgan, Audrey, and Myself have been hangin bout shooting a boombox that Todd long ago found in the trash at the Kent post office. The resulting edited piece will hopefully be a slightly entertaining Ratatat music video.

In the midst of shooting though it came across my brain that in the long run this won't be a viable usable project cause..of course Ratatat is all big n stuff. Thus very little chance they would give me the rights or time of day when designing a music video for them.

As a result of this realization I decided to contact the local Akron, Ohio band Trillit to maybe see if they would be interested in a music video with the same sort of concept. To my surprise they actually contacted me back about the proposition and now I am gonna try n dazzle them into using something. So hoping for the best here. Ya'll soon will be seeing at the very least the Ratatat version of the project.


marketing said...

you never know. one of the members of ratatat grew up in kent, ohio.

nalyd14 said...

Whoa that is cool had no idea. Well maybe I'll give it a try.